The best on demand solution for your most arduous chore- Snow RemovalA few taps on your Smartphone and your home or office can be free of snow!

become a Snow Plow Driver

Need to clear your driveway or need help getting the snow off your precious gardens? Make a few taps on your Smartphone and we will take your worries off your hands. Our app gives you live updates and a picture of a well done job at the end.

Get rid of your snow worries with the cube Snow Plow


The easiest solution to make your hard and stormy winters a breeze

Our app helps you connect with the best snow removal professionals in and around your area so that you can access them easily. All you need to do is download our app and make a few simple clicks! Stormy in your area or it’s been snowing heavily, no more worries!

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    Professional and pocket friendly

    All the snow removal experts on the app go through a registration process which ensures that they are absolutely professional and have enough experience to undertake the task at hand seamlessly. The pricing is pre mentioned so you can chose based on your own preference. The aim is to ensure you get the best service at the best prices, so our app looks for professionals in and around your area that seem to fit the bill.

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    Easy to use anywhere

    This app can be used to solve all your snow removal troubles no matter where you are. Even if you are away and need to get the snow ploughed from your home, you can make a quick booking and rest assured that your work will be done and you will be given all updates and a post completion picture of the task done.

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    User friendly app bringing choice right at your fingertips

    When you put in your requirement, you are shown a list of all the snow plough experts in the vicinity. You can click on the icon of the service providers and get a detailed description of them including their rates, previous ratings and so on and so forth. Once you have the app, you can use it as often or as little as you please.

Now your winters don’t have to be hard and back breaking

With our snow ploughing experts with the equipment and expertise to handle the toughest snows, you won’t have to hurt your back or your pockets. Choose what kind of service you want, residential or commercial, general cleaning or a post storm sweep up, and you will get the job done. Our snow ploughing professionals have the understanding, skill and acumen to ensure a quick and clean job whenever you want it.